About me

I was a student of a private college in Yogyakarta city.
The following is my bio:
name              :  Budi setiawan
place of birth  :  koyawas
date of birth   :  09-071989
address :

  • Malangsari, serut, nguter, sukoharjo, 002/006, zip code(57571)

Email : blogtulisanku@gmail.com


  • Read a book
  • Computer game
  • Pet bird
  • Fishing

never been to school at:

  • SD N 2 Wonokerto
  • SMP N 12 Bitung
  • SMK N 2 Bitung (TKJ)
  • Now I was in college in 2009 STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta force (technical informatics)

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